Post written by Lea Mikkelsen, Early Childhood Coordinator.

Daily Discovery: Gobble Gobble Pinecone Craft

Follow along with FCMoD’s live stream Storytime in the Home: Gobble Gobble. Then take a walk in your neighborhood. Use your naturalist skills to keep an eye out for animal  tracks! You might even find a pinecone on the ground. If you pick it up and bring it home, turn it into this awesome turkey craft.


  • A pinecone
  • Glue (hot glue or craft glue)
  • Feathers or craft paper
  • Googly eyes or craft paper
  • Felt or craft paper
  • No pinecone? No problem! Cut the whole turkey out of paper!


  1. If you picked a pinecone from outside, be sure to have an adult help you file down or cut off the sharp bits. Tip: If you bake the pinecone at 150 to 200 degrees for 90 min you will bake off any bugs, mold, or mildew that could make your pinecone yucky!
  2. Place all your supplies on a clear surface with plenty of room to create.
  3. If you don’t have feathers on hand, make your own! You can cut them out of colored paper or even paint white paper bright colors and then cut them out! You can also make eyes and a beak out of paper if you want!
  4. Glue your turkey eyes and beak to the flattest end of the pinecone to make the turkey head.
  5. Glue the feathers or paper feathers into the other end of the pinecone to make the turkey tail.
  6. Print out the animal tracks activity sheets to keep the discovery going – here and here!

Want to download these directions? Click here for a handy PDF!

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