Skin & Bias

We are incredibly excited to present two amazing special exhibitions this fall and winter as we bring you Skin: Living Armor, Evolving Identity (Oct 12, 2024 – January 26, 2025) and The Bias Inside Us (November 27th – December 31st). Both exhibits are designed to spark dialogue and reflection on human culture and identity through science and history.   beginning with Skin which explores the physical, historical, and cultural elements of the human body’s largest organ.

From questions like “what’s a rhino’s horn made from?” (hint: it’s the same protein that makes up human hair and nails – keratin!) to an exploration of how geography and climate have impacted the evolution of skin pigmentation, this engaging exhibit will inspire you to reconsider everything from what’s in the dust in your home to the way you see the world. FCMoD hopes you’ll take home a deeper understanding of our shared humanity and recognize that we – as humans – are more alike than we are different. This installation is presented in both English and Spanish.


Skin: Living Armor, Evolving Identity was created by the California Academy of Sciences and modified for travel and distributed by the Science Museum of Minnesota.


On November 27th, The Bias Inside Us will take its place alongside Skin as we explore how the human mind’s chemistry can lead us to a place of inherent bias. This community engagement project from the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) will raise awareness about the social science and psychology of implicit bias, the impact of this bias and what people can do about it. This exhibit is brought to you in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services (SITES).


Both these exhibits are free for Members and included with the price of admission. If you enjoy this kind of programming, we encourage you to make a donation through our Give More campaign which helps create access for community members experiencing economic need.


We look forward to bringing these fascinating and thought-provoking exhibits to you!

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Beyond Discovery

Ever tried putt-putt golfing on the moon? Think you can chip shot from a three-story roof into a bucket? Join us on September 13th for our Beyond Discovery Benefit: Teeing up Discovery for All! This year’s proceeds will go toward creating access for ALL community members. Your contribution helps families experiencing economic need enjoy all the museum has to offer at free or reduced rates. Everyone benefits from access for all – please join us for an evening of fun!

This year we’re bringing back nine holes of museum gallery putt-putt golf, the rooftop chip shot competition, live music, dancing, food and adult beverages courtesy of an open bar. In a nod toward the archive’s 50th anniversary, we encourage 1970’s attire (golf or otherwise) and flair!

Tickets are on sale now.

Thanks for your support!

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Human Library

Unjudge someone – join us for The Human Library on August 4th here at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. From overcoming addiction to confronting racism, 32 Books from our community will share their stories with you, the Readers. Now in its second year in Fort Collins, The Human Library creates a welcoming environment for people to listen, learn, and connect with one another. The goal is to create greater empathy and understanding through a positive dialogue that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices. The Human Library started as a Danish project in 2000, and there are now 80 events every year, worldwide. This year’s program is focused once again on “Being Me in Fort Collins”. We are honored to help facilitate this powerful event with our partners, Poudre River Public Library District, the City of Fort Collins Equity & Inclusion Office, the City of Fort Collins Human Relations Commission, Larimer County Behavioral Health Services, and the Yarrow Collective.


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Desjuzga a alguien – Acompáñenos en la Biblioteca Humana el 4 de agosto aquí en el Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. Desde superar la adicción hasta enfrentar el racismo, 32 Libros de nuestra comunidad compartirán sus historias con ustedes, los Lectores. Ahora en su segundo año en Fort Collins, la Biblioteca Humana crea un entorno acogedor para que las personas escuchen, aprendan y se conecten entre sí. El objetivo es fomentar una mayor empatía y comprensión a través de un diálogo positivo que pueda desafiar los estereotipos y prejuicios. La Biblioteca Humana comenzó como un proyecto danés en el año 2000. Hoy en día se realizan 80 eventos cada año por todo el mundo. El programa de este año se enfoca nuevamente en “Siendo yo en Fort Collins”. Nos sentimos honrados de ayudar a facilitar este poderoso evento con nuestros socios, el Distrito de Bibliotecas Públicas de Poudre River, la Oficina de Equidad e Inclusión de la Ciudad de Fort Collins, la Comisión de Relaciones Humanas de la Ciudad de Fort Collins, los Servicios de Salud del Comportamiento, del Condado de Larimer, y el “Yarrow Collective”.


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