Post written by Alex Ballou, Marketing Assistant.

At Home Workout Resources

Here at FCMoD, we believe in the importance of working your mind and your body. And during times like this, we want to provide resources to continue exploring together.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of our recommended at home workout resources during this time. Learn more below!

  • Here are some fun ways to get active as a family!
  • Let’s get the whole family moving – together! Here are 10 ways to exercise as a family.
  • Have a backyard? Here are some outdoor activities to get the family working out with no-equipment necessary!
  • Trying to stay in shape while working at home with the kids? Here are some fun at-home workouts that everyone will enjoy!

Even though the museum is closed, we want to continue to inspire creativity and encourage hands-on learning for all!

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