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Cheryl Donaldson
Co-Executive Director, City Partner
Phone: 970-416-2709

Laura Valdez
Co-Executive Director, Nonprofit Partner
Phone: 970-416-2767

Brent Carmack
Associate Director
Phone: 970-416-2702

Michael Allison
Director of Business Operations
Phone: 970-416-2726

Shannon Quist
Director for Community Connections
Phone: 970-416-2706

Catherine Carabetta
Director of Philanthropy

Lindsay Lambrakos
Administrative Assistant

David Garrison
Senior Manager, Experiences
Phone: 970-416-2821

Nick Duarte
Senior Manager, Engagement
Phone: 970-416-2720

Ben Griswold
Senior Manager, Content
Phone: 970-416-2708

Madison Lee
Visitor Experience Retail Manager
Phone: 970-416-2339

Laura Vilaret-Tuma
Community Engagement Manager
Phone: 970-416-2812

Danielle Shields
Group Host and Special Events Manager

Eisen Tamkun
Museum Coordinator of Engagement

Forrester Tamkun
Museum Coordinator of Experience

Jake Weinzierl
Grants Coordinator

Alyssa, Andrew, Anthony, Brett, Ella, Goose, JC, Kathy, Leah, Ryan, Taylor
Discovery Agents
Phone: 970-221-6738

Chris Coomey
Communication and Marketing Manager

Károl de Rueda
Graphic Designer
Phone: 970-416-2129

Jenny Valloric
Museum Preparator

Linda Moore
Curator of Collections
Phone: 970-416-2784

Berit Doolittle
Collections Assistant

Lesley Struc
Curator of the Archive
Phone: 970-416-2710

Caity Almgren
Access and Membership Coordinator

Jessica Garfio
Volunteer and Internship Coordinator

Jenny Hannifin
Archive Assistant
Phone: 970-221-6688

Barbara Cline
Archive Assistant
Phone: 970-221-6688

Sarah Frahm
Archive Assistant
Phone: 970-221-6688

Alexa Leinaweaver
Live Animal Husbandry Coordinator

Kim Fraser
Black-footed Ferret Program Coordinator
Phone: 970-556-4334