Staff Directory

Key Contacts

Welcome Desk
Phone: 970-221-6738
Fax: 970-416-2236

Membership Information
Phone: 970-416-2559

Group Visit Information
Phone: 970-416-2769

Leadership Team

Cheryl Donaldson
Co-Executive Director, City Partner
Phone: 970-416-2709

Donna Jared
Co-Executive Director, Non-Profit Partner
Phone: 970-416-2767

Jason Wolvington
Associate Director
Phone: 970-416-2766

Brent Carmack
Associate Director
Phone: 970-416-2702

Michael Allison
Director of Development
Phone: 970-416-2726

Shannon Quist
Director of Community Connections
Phone: 970-416-2706

Museum Experience Department

Ben Gondrez
Digital Dome Manager
Phone: 970-416-2434

Nick Duarte
Music & Sound Lab Curator
Phone: 970-416-2720

Sierra Tamkun
Learning Experiences Manager
Phone: 970-416-2812

Angela Kettle
Youth & Family Programs Coordinator
Phone: 970-416-2705

Beth Unger
School Programs Coordinator
Phone: 970-416-2769

Clare Gucwa
Discovery Camp Coordinator
Phone: 970-416-2705

Sarah Wilson
Early Childhood & Accessibility Coordinator
Phone: 970-416-2705

Charlotte Conway
Youth & Family Programs Assistant
Phone: 970-416-2705

Museum Support Staff

Music & Sound Lab Assistants:


Administrative Assistant:

Natalie Vázquez

Development Department

Kristin Stern
Marketing & Communications Manager
Phone: 970-416-2288

Mackenzie Merrill-Wick
Membership & Resource Development Coordinator
Phone: 970-416-2216

Laurel Baltic
Grants Coordinator
Phone: 970-416-4204

Brie Lipari
Event & Facility Rental Coordinator
Phone: 970-416-2727

Alex Ballou
Marketing Assistant
Phone: 970-416-2296

Community Connections Department

Laurel Drasner
Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 970-416-4310

Madison Lee
Lead Discovery Agent
Phone: 970-416-2559

David Garrison
Lead Discovery Agent
Phone: 970-416-2821

Alyssa, Anthony, Audrey, Bella, Brett, Hannah, Jordan, Kathy, Krista, Krystle, & Ryan
Discovery Agents
Phone: 970-221-6738

Collections and Exhibits Department

Ben Griswold
Exhibits Manager
Phone: 970-416-2708

Linda Moore
Curator of Collections
Phone: 970-416-2784

Lesley Struc
Curator of the Archive
Phone: 970-416-2710

Jessica Gengler
Archive Assistant
Phone: 970-221-6688

Jenny Hannifin
Archive Assistant
Phone: 970-221-6688

Chris Jones
Exhibits Technician
Phone: 970-416-2708

Erica Quihuiz
Museum Attendant
Phone: 970-416-2708

Alexa Leinaweaver
Live Animal Husbandry Coordinator

Kim Fraser
Black Footed Ferret Program Coordinator
Phone: 970-556-4334