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Cheryl Donaldson
Co-Executive Director, City Partner
Phone: 970-416-2709

Laura Valdez
Co-Executive Director, Nonprofit Partner
Phone: 970-416-2767

Brent Carmack
Associate Director
Phone: 970-416-2702

Michael Allison
Director of Business Operations
Phone: 970-416-2726

Shannon Quist
Director for Community Connections
Phone: 970-416-2706

Catherine Carabetta
Director of Philanthropy

Karen Taylor
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 970-416-4398

Madison Lee
Visitor Experience Retail Manager
Phone: 970-416-2339

David Garrison
Visitor Experience Team Manager
Phone: 970-416-2821

Laura Vilaret-Tuma
Community Engagement Manager
Phone: 970-416-2812

Danielle Shields
Group Host and Special Events Manager

Nick Duarte
Music & Sound Lab Curator
Phone: 970-416-2720

Eisen Tamkun
Music Programming Lead

Forrester Tamkun
Music & Sound Lab Assistant

Alyssa, Andrew, Anthony, Brett, Devan, Goose, Jessica, Kathy, Krista, Krystle, Leah, Ryan, Taylor, Theresa
Discovery Agents
Phone: 970-221-6738

Ben Griswold
Exhibits Manager
Phone: 970-416-2708

Jenny Valloric
Museum Preparator

Károl de Rueda
Graphic Designer
Phone: 970-416-2129

Linda Moore
Curator of Collections
Phone: 970-416-2784

Berit Doolittle
Collections Assistant

Lesley Struc
Curator of the Archive
Phone: 970-416-2710

Jenny Hannifin
Archive Assistant
Phone: 970-221-6688

Barbara Cline
Archive Assistant
Phone: 970-221-6688

Sarah Frahm
Archive Assistant
Phone: 970-221-6688

Alexa Leinaweaver
Live Animal Husbandry Coordinator

Kim Fraser
Black-footed Ferret Program Coordinator
Phone: 970-556-4334