Post written by Lea Mikkelsen, Early Childhood Coordinator.

Daily Discovery: Nature Diorama

With supplies from your backyard, you can bring nature indoors and create a beautiful diorama! Take inspiration from our own Rocky Mountains and prairies or ask an adult to help you research other animal habitats.


  • Cardboard box
  • Colored paper (or paint)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Clay (if you have it)
  • Natural materials: rocks, sticks, pine cones, dry grass, leaves, etc.
  • A plastic animal toy for your habitat: bear, fox, deer, etc. Tip: Don’t have one? Try cutting out a picture from a magazine or drawing your own!


  1. Take a nature walk or visit your backyard to collect materials!
  2. Turn the cardboard box on it’s side.
  3. Use colored paper or paint to decorate the background of your nature scene.
  4. Use clay to make the ground and press your natural materials into it. Tip: Use glue if you don’t have clay.
  5. Get CREATIVE! Then, when you are ready, place (or glue) your plastic or paper animal into the diorama!
  6. Share a photo of your nature scene with us on social media using #dailydiscovery

Want to download these directions? Click here for a handy PDF!

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