Welcome to Cafecito con Vlad, with your host, Vlad Lora Pardo. Vlad is a former ModSquad member and current ¡Alebrijes! fellow. Working closely alongside the iAlebrijes! artists, staff, and volunteers, Vlad provides a unique perspective into the exhibit and its impact on the local community. Come along as Vlad interviews the people behind our new iAlebrijes! Exhibit. 

In this episode, Vlad has a conversation with Ben Griswold, FCMoD’s Senior Manager of Content, Engagement, and Experience. This week, we’re diving into the team’s vision behind the ¡Alebrijes! exhibit, as well as some of the challenges faced along the way. Join us this Thursday, April 4th to check out the giant Alebrije installment created by our artists in residency, Óscar Becerra Mora and Rubén Miguel. 

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