Post written by Morgan Wilson, Museum Assistant for Collections.

Daily Discovery: Fort Collins Find & Seek!

It’s time to play Find and Seek with historical photographs from the Archive at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. Try to find all of the items in the photographs using the links to the Fort Collins History Connect Database!

First photograph: Polio Drive on College and Mountain

This photograph (H08098) is from January 28th, 1956 and shows the Fort Collins Lions Club raising money for a polio drive. The photograph was taken on College and Mountain Avenue. See if you can find the following items in the photograph!

  • “Chamber of Commerce” sign.
  • 6 people who are not in cars.
  • “Mountain Ave.” sign.
  • 2 instances of the word “Hotel”.
  • 3 instances of the word “Café”.
  • How many utility poles can you count in the center of the road?

Second photograph: 100 Block of South College Avenue

This photograph (H11442) shows the west side of the 100 Block of South College Avenue in 1986. See if you can find the following.

  • “Owl Cigar” advertisement.
  • 13 cars.
  • “Pets and Things” sign.
  • The “China Palace” restaurant.
  • “Robert Trimble Block”.
  • A person with red shirt sleeves.

Third photograph: College Avenue and Fort Collins Business District

The caption on this circa 1960s postcard (H21582) reads “College Avenue and Fort Collins Business District”. Try to find the following items.

  • 5 red cars.
  • 3 yellow cars.
  • The “Northern Hotel” sign.
  • “Conoco” sign.
  • “The Shoe Box” sign.
  • “Whites” sign.
  • 4 people standing on the sidewalk.
  • A traffic light on green.
  • A traffic light on red.
  • How many streetlights are there along the main road?

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