Summer Camps FAQ

We want to help make taking advantage of summer camps easier!

If you run into any questions, check out our handy FAQ below or reach out to

What time are camps?

Most of our camps are half-day and run from 9am-12pm. Our Heritage Courtyard, Zombie, and Dome camps run from 9am-12:30pm. Afternoon camps run from 1-4pm. For times and dates of camps see session information in the camp description section.

The camp I wanted is sold out. Is there a waitlist and how does it work?

We do offer waitlists for sold out camps! To be added to a camp’s waitlist please call our welcome desk (970-221-6738) and leave your name, child’s name, child’s age, phone number, and camp and session you would like to be waitlisted for. Once added to the waitlist you will be notified if a spot opens in a camp and you are next on the waitlist. For other questions regarding the waitlist system please contact our Discovery Camp Coordinator.

Can I drop my child off early or pick them up late?

Children cannot be dropped off before the designated early drop-off time listed in your reminder email. Children must be picked up at 12:00. Staff will not be in place to watch your child after camp unless they are enrolled for both a morning and afternoon camp.

Will snacks/lunch be provided?

Snacks will be provided every day of camp. Lunches are only needed if your child is registered for a courtyard camp or dual registered for a morning and afternoon camp. Lunches will not be provided for your child.

My child has allergies will these be accommodated?

We will do our best to accommodate your child’s allergies. Please note this in your registration packet. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact our Discovery Camp Coordinator.

My young child has no classroom experience and/or is not potty trained, can they attend camp?

Children must be comfortable in a classroom environment away from parents AND be potty trained to attend camp

My child is advanced for their age OR my child is too old for a camp but really wants to participate. Can I register them for a camp if they’re technically too old/young?

Unfortunately no, we kindly ask that children only be registered for a camp in their age range. Our camps are specifically designed to engage children of these ages and older/younger children can become bored or overwhelmed.

What if I have children in a camp at the Heritage Courtyard and one at FCMoD? Both camps start at 9:00.

The Heritage Courtyard will open at 8:40am to allow parents to drop their children off before dropping their other children off at FCMoD.

Where is the Heritage Courtyard?

The Heritage Courtyard is located at 200 Matthews Street near the Old Town Library and directly beside the Carnegie Building. Please drop off/pick up your students from the south gate entrance.

Can my student miss a day of camp? Will I be refunded for this day?

We encourage children to attend all days of camp. If your child needs to miss a day of camp please notify the Discovery Camp Coordinator. You will not be refunded for any missed days of camp.

If you could not find what you’re looking for, please call or email, Heidi Fuhrman, the Discovery Camp Coordinator  at 970-416-2705 or (The Discovery Camp Coordinator will be able to respond to an email more quickly than a phone call.)