Sound Detectives

*NGSS Aligned!*

Available Tuesdays/Fridays

Age: Aligned for Grade 1, appropriate for Grades 1-3
Program length: 60 minutes
Cost: $6 per student / chaperones free
Group size: Up to 30 students may participate. Chaperones are expected to attend to observe and help supervise.

Music is all around us, but do you know the science behind it? In this lab, your students will conduct (pun intended) hands-on experiments to unravel the mysteries of sound. Through three hands-on investigations using everything from tuning forks to DIY kazoos, students will explore what causes sound, how we can see sound move, and what materials sound moves through best. At the end, your students will hear what happens when we place a buzzer in a vacuum chamber. Rock on!

Essential Skills Addressed:

  • Inquiry/Analysis

Colorado Academic Standards Addressed:

1st grade

  • Physical Science GLE 1.1: Sound can make matter vibrate, and vibrating matter can make sound.

2nd grade

  • Physical Science GLE 1.1: Matter exists as different substances that have observable different properties.

All Grades:

Works toward Prepared Graduate Expectation #1: Students can use the full range of science and engineering practices to make sense of natural phenomena and solve problems that require structure, properties and interactions of matter.