Sink or Float?

Available Tuesdays/Fridays

Age: Pre-K – K
Program length: 45 minutes
Cost: $6 per student / chaperones free
Group size: Up to 30 students may participate. Chaperones are expected to attend to observe and help supervise.

Inspire the natural-born scientist in your child! Children will engage their curiosity by making predictions and observations about whether different objects will sink or float when placed in water – the scientific method in action! After this guided exploration, the class will listen to a reading of “Who Sank the Boat?” before building and testing their own weight-bearing boat. Will it sink … or float?

21st Century Skills Addressed:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Scientific and Numerical Literacy

Colorado Academic Standards Addressed:


  • Physical Science #1.1: Objects have properties and characteristics.
  • Physical Science #1.2: There are cause-and-effect relationships in everyday experiences.


  • Physical Science #1.1: Objects move in ways that can be described by direction.
  • Physical Science #1.2: Objects can be sorted by physical properties, which can be observed and measured.