Binary Busters

*NGSS Aligned!*

Available Tuesdays/Fridays

Age: Aligned for Grade 4, appropriate for Grades 3-5
Program length: 60 minutes
Cost: $6 per student / chaperones free
Group size: Up to 30 students may participate. Chaperones are expected to attend to observe and help supervise.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite video game characters get from paper to screen? It’s as easy as 01, 10, 21… well, at least, if you know binary!  In this lab, your students will explore the basics of binary code, pixels, and the RBG color model through hands-on investigations and simulations. As their final challenge, students will mimic the process of video game graphic creation by taking on the roles of artists, coders, and computers – transmitting an colorful image from one classmate to another using only 0s and 1s!

Essential Skills:

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Perseverance/Resilience

Colorado Academic Standards Addressed:

4th grade:

  • Physical Science GLE 7: Patterns can encode, send, receive, and decode information.

All grades:

Works toward Prepared Graduate Competencies in Science #4:

  •  Students can use the full range of science and engineering practices to make sense of natural phenomena and solve problems that require understanding how waves are used to transfer energy and information

Works toward Prepared Graduate Competencies in Visual Arts #1, 9, & 10:

  • See oneself as a participant in visual art and design by experiencing, viewing or making
  • Persist in the creative process and innovate from failure.
  • Develop new knowledge by actively doing and making (artistic praxis), acknowledging relationships between materials, objects, ideas and lived experience.