Landing in Fort Collins November 17 - April 2

The Exhibition

Landing in Fort Collins November 17 - April 2
When dinosaurs walked the Earth, pterosaurs ruled the skies.

Immerse yourself in this interactive exhibition and explore the remarkable diversity of pterosaur species.

Travel back in time and take off with these prehistoric kings of the air who ruled the skies during the time dinosaurs dominated the land. Discover the mysterious world of pterosaurs in this exciting exhibition where you can explore hands-on interactive apps, see rare fossils, walk under life-size models, and soar through the skies over prehistoric landscapes as you pilot your own pterosaur in the Virtual Flight Lab.

Fort Collins skies will never be the same when Pterosaurs takes flight at FCMoD.

Meet the Pterosaurs

Pterosaurs all had the same basic body plan, but varied dramatically in size. Some were as small as a bird, while others were as large as a plane. Meet some of them here.


Sordes pilosus
When: Around 155 million years ago
Where: Near a lake in what is now southern Kazakhstan
Food: Fish and other small prey
Wingspan: Around 2 feet


Quetzalcoatlus northropi
When: Around 70 million years ago
Where: On a plain in what is now western Texas
Food: Possibly small vertebrates or carrion
Wingspan: Around 33 feet


Dawndraco kanzai
When: Between 90 and 66 million years ago
Where: A seaway that covered the American Great Plains
Food: Likely fish
Wingspan: Around 20 feet


Preondactylus buffarinii
When: 220 million years ago
Where: Near an inland sea in what is now northern Italy
Food: Insects or fish
Wingspan: 18 inches