Coming Soon: Spontaneous Fantasia

Dome Club and FCMoD are proud to present Spontaneous Fantasia, a virtual reality concert on July 8, 2016! Spontaneous Fantasia is a live musical visual experience. It’s been compared to LASER SHOWS or a PINK FLOYD CONCERT updated for the 21st CENTURY. Spontaneous Fantasia is the digital live performance work […]

Dome Club 2.0 – April

  Join us at the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater on Friday, April 10th to experience the most cutting-edge in fulldome art and performance! We have a full night of mind bending immersive experiences lined up including a selection of festival award winning shorts, a demonstration of an in-development interactive fulldome […]

Dome Club @ FCMoD – August

Are you interested in art, music, film, 3D animation, immersive experiences, or just like having your mind blown? If you answered yes to any of these you need to check out Dome Club at FCMoD! Dome Club is a brand new event and program at FCMoD just for film, music, […]

Dome Club @ FCMoD – July

Greetings Dome-Heads! This month at Dome Club we will be exploring some of the most cutting edge fulldome digital artwork. Get ready to have your minds melted by amazing immersive visual and audio experiences! VORTEX Click here for preview Duration: 1 min 13 sec Director: Aaron Bradbury Designed in stereoscopic […]

Dome Club – June

Greetings Dome-Heads! This month we have a very special guest that will be joining us for Dome Club, Mike Metlay! Join us this month to hear Mike’s astronomical sounds as we fly around the universe on a cosmic sight-seeing tour! metlay!: The Man From Atomic City Mike Metlay has been […]

Dome Club – May

Hello again Dome-Heads! First of all, I wanted to thank all of you who have been to Dome Club and are really excited about it! It’s your energy and excitement that keeps this thing going! This month, in honor of all of the graduating students, we are going to be […]

Dome Club – April

Hello Dome-Heads! Are you interested in photography and live-action video? This month at Dome Club we will be exploring ways photographers, videographers, and other artists are shooting for and using the fulldome medium to create completely unique experiences. Crossing Worlds (5 min) Director/Producer: xRez Studio A visual tone poem designed […]

Breaking the Fulldome CGI Barrier with DSLR’s – IMERSA2014

Here’s yet another excellent talk given at the IMERSA Summit 2014. This talk was given by Greg Downing and Eric Hanson of xRez Studio and they discuss their endeavours to break the CGI barrier and using DSLR’s for fulldome production, check it out below.

Tools of Fulldome Production – IMERSA2014

Here’s another great talk given at the IMERSA Summit 2014. This one features Brad Thompson of Spitz Creative Media talking about different tools and techniques he uses in fulldome video production, check it out below.

Live Action Photography For the Dome – IMERSA2014

The fine folks over at the Fulldome Database just uploaded some really great videos of a few of the talks given at the IMERSA Summit 2014. This first one features Matt Mascheri from Dome3D and James Arthurs from Image Shoppe speaking about live action photography and videography for the fulldome format, check it […]